Google Voice Input (röstinmatning in Swedish) has taken over my keyboard

Help!! The Google Voice Input (or what it’s called in English) has taken over my phone. My keyboard has disappeared so every time I want to type anything, whether browser or messages, my only option is the voice thingy. When I go to (my translation from Swedish) Settings - Language and inputs - Screen keyboard, Google’s Voice input is the only option. It worked earlier today but now there’s just voice input everywhere. I can’t even turn off my phone because when I press and hold the start button searches with Google voice input shows up instead of “turn off” and “restart”. I’ve restarted my phone (thourgh removing the battery since my ordinary restart option doesn’t work) but the problem remains. Help!

Restart should be available from the pull down menu, it can be found somewhere there. Otherwise you can get the normal operation of the switch by going into settings → system → gestures and there is something about the on/off switch.
For the actual keyboard issue you might have uninstalled the display keyboard. You could check the Play Store for some keyboard (although it’s Google I like the Gboard). After installation it should appear in the settings and you should be able to select it.


Aha! I didn’t realised that Gboard was the keyboard… I knew I had done something stupid ^^ Bloody Google creating tons of apps I don’t need and keep telling me my phone will stop working if I disable them making it impossible to tell which apps that are actual necessary and which that Google just want me to have on my phone whether I use them or not. Thank you for your help!

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just install another keyboard first than its no problem to deactivate Gboard :wink:


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