Google Trackers on the forum?

Hey, just randomly became aware that the uBlock Origin add-on detects and blocks one of Google’s tracker domains ( on this forum. I’ve seen the discussions regarding trackers on the official Fairphone website, but this is a separate issue.

I think it’s fine to collect analytics on the forum, but it should be done in a way that respects users, which is obviously not the case with Google’s tools. There are many options available for this, such as Matomo, Simple Analytics etc.

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Yes, this forum uses Googletagmanager. But then again Fairphone claims to be fair, not privacy-conscious… :grinning:

Android is also from Google :nerd_face: That doesn’t mean that it’s okay to track users, but if your OS is from Google :wink:

While true that they don’t explicitly have policies on that front, they do have partnerships like the one with the e foundation and publish schematics and software sources to establish alternatives to the surveillance capitalism business model. They provide testing devices to other non-profits such as the Calyx Institute.

Many in the community value user freedom just as much as a more sustainable supply chain and repairability. The term “fair” is very malleable and Fairphone will need to adapt with the expectations of the community.

In this context, it only makes sense to switch site analytics to something else, preferably self-hosted – or at the very least GDPR compliant (which Google Analytics isn’t). What do the @admins think?


Hi @jazzforlife,

Thank you for this post and for voicing your concerns. I have forwarded your remarks internally since we believe this is a bigger (but certainly valuable) topic of discussion, especially since, as you mentioned, the trackers do not just apply to the forum, but to the whole Fairphone website.

In the meantime, I would like to remind you and others reading along that you can always choose to “opt out” of being tracked via the cookie notice. :slight_smile: :cookie:


Thanks! I think removing invasive trackers completely and switching to something open source would be very fitting for Fairphone… but if the marketing department insists, I think it’d be a fair (no pun intended) tradeoff to have invasive trackers on the homepage/shop exclusively. Meanwhile, the support pages, forum etc. would probably be just fine without them :slight_smile: