Google taking notes from Fairphone?

I Watched the Google Pixel 8 presentation and there where 3 instances when I tought to me, that looks like it’s inspired by Fairphone.

When they showed the “new” colors of their phones, the blue - or bay as they called it - of the Pixel 8 pro really reminded me of the blue FP5, it looks extremely similar in tone, at least on images. I’d like to see a side-by-side comparison.

Then when they introduced their update schedule, they said they “are now the only major company” to offer that long time of support for their phones, i.e. 7 years. At least to me that sounded like they actually recognised and even indirectly referenced fairphones long support, which for the FP5 still tops the pixel 8.

And lastly, they also claimed that the pixel 8’s are more repairable, and that they "partnered up with ifixit’ to make sure, that the user can better fix their device. Though this could be a stunt to cater to the EU going for right to repair, and also this part was practically just a side note. Still, I am curious for future iFixit and JerryRig videos regarding that matter.

Anyway, I got the feeling that Google has Fairphone at least on the radar and that they got some inspirations from them.

What do you think, is Fairphone making an impression, an impact, even with Google? What could it mean for other brands / manufacturers, and for Fairphone?

Fairphone’s unique selling point is still their Fair production, but I think that repairability, sustainability, and long-term support also draws people in. If other manufacturers “invade” that space that’s good for the planet and the consumer, but is it good for the company Fairphone?

Food for thoughts (not literally of course).


I don’t think they are afraid/inspired by Fairphone. I think their longer release cycle is because of the Apple products and because they now have their own chipset. They are not depending on Qualcomm anymore. That’s been already in development for some time. But let’s hope they do join the Fairphone game. Project Ara was also an amazing idea.


Fairphones comment


I doubt the colour is anything to do with copying Fairphone, that seems a stretch at best.

Yes the Fairphone software support must have reached Google’s ears, Fairphone 5, as I understand it, by opting for an alternative processor has gained the processor manufacturers support to allow it to offer even longer software support. Google has their own processor and, for heaven’s sake, develop Android, so why it has taken this long for them to commit to decent length of software support is beyond me, and why not for all their own processor based devices? I think here we can suspect Fairphone pushing the limits has been a factor in Google finally doing the decent thing.

Repairability looks average at best to me. The teardown on yt still looks like glued shut, covered in graphite and copper tape, torx screws etc etc. Nasty. Perhaps a touch better than the worst but nothing like the simple experience of peeling off the back of a Fairphone and popping out the battery, which must be the number one replaceable item in my view. Perhaps they made it a touch easier but, nah, nothing like a Fairphone, and saying they consulted ifixit doesn’t cut it, I want to be able to replace the battery without risking damage to the device and myself with heating / dissolving glue and large quantities of physical force!


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