Google search widget in FP2-open

There is a google search widget installed by default on FP2-open.
I have disabled the application, but it’s impossible to remove it.
I think on FP2-open there should be no google search at all, user might want to add it later, but not as a default that it’s impossible to uninstall.

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Are you sure you installed Open OS?
I don’t have such a widget.

i can see it in my apps, version 5.1-fp2-sibon-16.0.0
i have disabled it but there’s no way to uninstall it
maybe you have disabled it, that’s why it doesn’t appear in the widget list

I have an app called “search” but no widget. It’s not a google app, it just uses the google search engine (by default).

The Search app is included in Android Open Source Project (AOSP) codebase. FP Open is based on AOSP.

Such app is open source, but true, is tied to a service provided by Google. Don’t worry, no data will be leaked unless you search something through that widget (or you open the default Browser, cough, cough).

An open source widget which only use is to leaks data to Google, should not be present by default on a Google-free FairPhone.
I hope the widget will be completely removed with the next release, or replaced with a widget of a non-tracking search engine (if available).


I agree. Also, the default browser should not open Google by default, neither. Better to open FP website or just StartPage or Ecosia. Both companies/projects are in contact, will be a great collaboration, IMHO.
DuckDuckGo and Starpage should be included on the search engines for the browser, at least.


If you’re aiming to not send any data to google, you may also want to double check that Google DNS servers aren’t being used, and you’ll need to reconfigure the captive portal check not to connect to google servers every time you connect to a wireless network.

Note that currently Fairphone Open aims for maximal code transparency and not necessarily maximum Google independence, which is difficult as Google is the main developer of Android (and issuer of security patches!). Also, the Fairphone developers (or any Fairphone staff, for that matter) don’t read all the posts on the community forum. So it’s fine to discuss things here, but if you need an official response you will need to contact Fairphone directly.

Edit: or, as is pointed out below, add them to #featurerequests::tag


Johannes, I thought i had to write here, so that you (as a moderator) move it to the #software:bug-reports and then it will be fixed (?)

@paulakreuzer usually manages the bugslist these days, I’ll leave it to him.
I can see that this case could be tricky as it is closer to a feature request than a bug report (in the sense that it works as was intended in AOSP).

Edit: Don’t get me wrong - I do agree with what you want to achieve. At some point this does become a discussion about what Fairphone wants FPOOS to be, and what the community hopes it to be (and how FP’s small dev team can best spend the time they have to work on FPOOS).


I’d also consider it a feature request and not a bug.

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Then we should clarify here what to do with feature requests. Are we collecting them in the forum? Or is the Right Thing To Do a request to fairphone support?

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See #featurerequests::tag.

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