Google Play store on Fairphone Open 18.04.1? How?

since today I am the proud owner of a FP2 that I bought used. It has the Open 18.04.1 installed and just the bare necessary apps and no games.
Google play is obviously not installed and I cannot install it via the webbrowser (unknown URL scheme meaning it doesnt know how to open it).
Is there a possibility for me to install Google Play so that I have access to all programs that I would like to install? How can I do it?

You can flash opengapps from here:
Go into your recovery (Restart Phone, press Vol-Up before the FP Logo appears) and flash the downloaded zip file.


I know that the FP Open 18.04.1 is Android 6. But is my FP2 ARM or ARM64?

Its ARM. FP2 has still a 32bit ARM CPU.
Just for your information: I use every time pico, because it has less Google apps in it. Every other app from google can be installed with the Play Store.


Since you are new to Fairphone you might or might not know that there are two versions of the official Fairphone OS: With and without Google apps and services. It might be easier for you to just switch to the Google version.


and how? I have no idea about the FP2 yet. And all my experiencie with previous android phones doesnt really help me now

well, downloaded the ARM Anrdoid 6 version in pico and nano. But then I load into Team Win Recovery Project 3.0.2-0 and chose to install the zip, but I get the info that the zip signature verification failed.

Here are the instructions for switching back to the regular Fairphone OS with Google services (the default OS installed on every new FP2):


Well, if you decide to stay with Fairphone Open OS to have more control over what’s on the phone and what’s not … you can turn off the ZIP verification in TWRP’s settings and install Open GApps pico (the minimum to run the Play Store).

If you don’t mind all the Google stuff or even need it … follow the instructions @ChuckMorris linked to and switch to Fairphone OS, life with Google should be easier that way.
If interested, you can investigate more open options at any time.


you guys rock!
I switched from FP open to FP OS and then back and it all worked. Then I stayed at FP Open and disabled the zip verification in Team Win and installed gapps pico…and now enjoy GooglePlayStore without all the useless google junk that I never used.
Now I have a minimal system and access to the store. With that I should be able to design my system as it fits me best.
Thanks so much guys…within a few hours you helped me to get the best of my FP2. It seems as if the community is as awesome as the phone :slight_smile:


Assuming you have installed F-Droid, you can just install the app “Yalp Store” via it. You can use Yalp Store almost like Play Store, but with the restriction not to install any app you have to purchase.

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