Google Play Games


I’d like to install Google Play Games, and therefore Google Play Services.
Is there a way to proceed without flashing Gapps ?

I’ve found a method by installind Google WebView only, but it doesn’t work.



Why would you want to find an other way than openGAPPS?

As I understood, it shall be installed just after installating Lineaoge OS, and I don’t want to do that.


OpenGApps include a script to survive OTA updates, so the next time you update your LOS you don’t need to reflash them.

(For the record: someone might suggest upgrading to Lineage OS for microG and installing Google Play Games through Yalp, but Games APIs are not implemented in microG)


Ok noted and thanks for the precision about OTA updates.

So the answer to my initial question seems to be yes, I can install Google Play Services without flashing and by installing MicroG but unfortunately it doesn’t work !

Thanks also.


Well, you definitely need to flash something (the LOS for mG OS, or my ZIP) to use microG. Also note that microG is a libre re-implementation of Google Mobile Services, so we cannot call them “Google Play Services”, really.

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If I want to install microG instead of GMS, do I have to install MicroG just after Lineage OS installation or can I install it anytime ?

Can you point to a source of the “shall be”?
I would rather phrase that as “it makes more sense this way, but can be done differently if you know what you are doing”, but that could just be me.

What I don’t get is … you want to use Google Play Services … but you don’t like installing them … so you would rather install microG … which isn’t Google Play Services and currently doesn’t even try to mimick them for Games (Games Functionality: None)… What would that achieve in the sense of this topic?

No. Case closed :slight_smile: .

Anytime, but I recommend you to install “Lineage OS for microG”, the specifically-built version which includes an already preconfigured microG so you don’t need to care anymore.

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