Google Photo shuts down by itself

Hi everyone!
I’ve had an issue for quite a long time. The Google photo app shuts down after a few seconds, each time i open it. I tried many ways to solve this problem. I looked into many forums but all the solutions i tried didn’t work: clear the data of the app, clear the cache, unsinstall the updates, clear the multimedia data. It works for a while but not long before the problem recurs.
It is annoying because i use the google photo synchronization to have my photos in my computer, among else…
Have you the same problem, or does someone have the solution?

I don’t use Google, so I can’t give you any specific advice, but if clearing the cache and data doesn’t solve the issue there may be a corrupted file in the cloud, so syncing brings the issue back. Try to save your photos on your computer and then delete all google photo data from your cloud (I don’t know how that is done).

Thanks for this answer. In fact, when i take off my memory card, the problem disappears… I thought i could clear the problem without having to clear the data of my memory card, but that’s ok :).