Google Photo app crashing

I have just received my FP2 and loaded a memory card with several GB of photos.
Whenever I open the photos app it crashes within a few seconds with the prompt ‘Unfortunately, Photos has stopped’. I have sent a ‘report’ via the auto prompt.
I am thus unable to view any photos including those taken with the FP2.
I also noticed some of the photo album titles appeared in the Google Play Music app.

I have also had the screen flicker at low-light levels, as noted already on the forum.

This might be due to a bug of the Privacy Impcat feature.
Try the following: Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

It was unticked. I tried ticking and then unticking. No effect on the crashing. The photo thumbnails stayed visible for slightly longer before the crash on one test and I noticed every photo is shown in triplicate.

I had the same issue after installing the FPOS 1.2.8 update. The Photos app crashed a few seconds after launching it.
I was able to fix that by resetting the media database:

Settings / Apps / All / Media Storage / Clear Data

Then reboot. (This won’t delete any media files, just rebuild the internal database.)

I don’t know if this will work for you, but I would try.

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Thanks Chuck, but it is still crashing in the same way despite the reboot!

Strange, I also have several GB of photos on my SD card and it worked after clearing Media Storage. Maybe also clearing the data of the Photos app might help?

Can you browse your photos in Amaze?

Chuck, the reboot does seem to have worked after clearing both media and photo app storage, but beyond the test photos taken with the FP2, only a fraction of the photos from the datacard are showing and with no obvious selection criteria (i.e. they are a selection from several albums over a period of several years).
I’m not familiar with Amaze - could you point me in the right direction to try? (this is my first android phone coming from Nokia/Windows!).

It could take a while until the database is completely rebuilt after clearing it.

Amaze is the file manager which is preinstalled on the FP2. You can use it to browse the SD card to check whether your photos are accessible at all.

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