Google meet on work profile crashes when joining a meeting

While Google meet on personal profile works just fine, the one on work profile crashes each time when either starting or joining a meeting. The issue seems to be permission related:

java.lang.SecurityException @ (android.os.Parcel) “Neither user <user_num> nor current process has android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS”

This issue seemed to be transient in the past because I used to get it fixed by turning internet connection off and on again, but maybe that was a different problem altogether. Today, it doesn’t go away even after cache/data clearing, reinstalling, rebooting, etc.

And now for the most useful info: I found a very similar issue described in OnePlus forums here which was later fixed by a system update.

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I would advise you to #contactsupport, as the forum is no official support channel.

How was the work profile installed? By your organisation or by an app like Shelter or Island?

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Thanks for the suggestion, I contacted the support regarding this.
Work profile was installed just by adding organisation google account, so I guess it was enforced by this particular account.

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