Google Maps uses GPS with location turned off

I’ve noticed my battery drains very quickly lately.

Looking into my battery usage, I saw Google Maps uses my GPS even when Location is turned off (see screenshots), and even though I haven’t used Google Maps in the last 24 hours.
Even when I force-stop Google Maps, after some time it seems to automatically restart itself.

I’ve now revoked the ‘Location permission’ Google Maps has, but off course, in some cases I do need Google Maps to use my Location. And even without Location permission (see last screenshot) the timer of time GPS used adds up.

How can I prevent Google Maps from using my GPS when I haven’t manually turned on my GPS?

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You can’t. G%§$e needs your data after all…


I cannot reproduce the problem. When I turn off location, Google Maps doesn’t show my location (blue dot) on the map.

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to try to reproduce the problem. Really appreciate that!

I cannot see the blue dot on the map either, but I can see GPS is used by Maps in:

  • The battery usage overview (shows Maps uses a lot of battery, even after ‘Force stop’)
  • The use details of maps (first screenshot in previous post), which shows that Maps uses GPS

And because my phone gets warm even when I don’t use it…

Does the battery monitor (pull down top bar twice, tap on battery, tap on graph) show permanent GPS usage?

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Didn’t cross my mind to look at that, but… yes, it does…


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