Google is scaring me

Hi, im scared about how google is informing me about my behavours.
Since a while now i get notifications that i will be home in a certain amount of time.
It seams like it has tracked my places i stay and where i repetetly go to so it’s able to inform me about my estimated time to go home at the time i normaly leave my workplace. Thats realy sceary because i don’t remember to have set the work location or something similar to a setup… Now i tried to find out where to disable that without success. Does anybody know where that comes from? Where i can disable that?


Take one free evening on your own, a lot of your favorite drink and read this

on you can disable the location history. I guess this is what you are looking for.

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Google Now enabled?

You can disable it at: Google App → Manu → Settings → Now cards → Show cards

You can also do this on your phone in Settings / Location / Google Location History.

I would also recommend having a look at all the settings in the Google Settings app on your phone. There is a lot of privacy-related stuff in there.

Disable all the tracking services from the Google Privacy panel:

You can clear your “history” from My activity:

Also, Google Dashboard shows you an overview of your Google-related accounts and data. You can remove the subaccounts you don’t use (e.g. Blogger or Google Plus profile):

Disclaimer: Removing the data from Google doesn’t mean you magically remove all your data from Google itself or other corporations or agencies they’ve cooperated with (i.e. NSA). But it is a manifest to claim your right to privacy and may prevent future unscrupulous and unmoral data recollection.

After such scrutiny, you may want to learn how to live without Google: #livingwogoogle. A good starting point would be taking a look to this other thread:

Finally, you can consider switching to FP Open OS: #software:fp-open


Ok. Thank you. I will have to research and test a bit further. For now i think i have enough informations… :grinning:

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As people have said, you can disable location services. Also, why not just turn off data/wifi/GPS when you’re not specifically using them? I’ve been using mobile internet since WAP (pay by the minute) days, so I still automatically turn stuff off when I’m not using it :slight_smile:


I’m not doing that. I let the phone automatically choose when to use those things. Additionally, you won’t receive e-mails or Twitter messages (and WhatsApp messages if you are using it) when data is turned off.

Yeah, my approach doesn’t suit everyone! (I don’t like having emails beep at me - I only check manually).


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