Google gift card is not working

I bought two Google Play Store gift cards, one at a drugstore and one at a petrol station. Bothe times I made sure the gift cards were activated.
When I try to transfer the money to my Google account, it seems to work first, but then I get the message Google needs more information.
I then have to enter where I bought the gift card and upload a picture of the gift card and the receipt.
A day later I then receive an email, telling me that the gift card gives me no right to complain or refund.
If I ask for further information, I get no answer.
Has anyone had similar experiences?
What did you do about it?
Could the problem be connected to the Fairphone?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum

It would be useful if you state which Fairphone, which OS and version.

Thank you amoun!
I tried it with
a Fairphone 3 with Android 11, last update Feb 2023 and
a Fairphone 4 with Android 12, last update Feb 2023, last Goggle Play System update March 2023.

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Have you ever successfully done what you are trying to do now? To me this sounds as if you are doing something wrong, probably only a little detail. I doubt that it has to make with the phone you are using. Can you please go through the Google support page about gift cards and double-check if it still fails after having followed that?

Maybe some information there can give you a hint why it fails for you.

Hi Martin,
Yes I did charge my Google account like this several times in the past.
I also did check the Google support homepage and double checked my steps before I started this thread.

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I can’t help for these other than say contact the place you got them or Google. Next time buy them on Jam Doughnut( so you get cashback on top. I’ve used it for over a year and no problem.

Thanks Lawson.
I did both. No luck so far.
Goggles play store tells me , that JamDoughnut is not available in Germany.
But Thanks anyway!

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