Google free wallpapers

Hello all, I have a fp3 and am attempting to go as google free as possible until an open os is released for the fp3. I am no genius and I think i’m as far as i can go google free as it were. my latest problem, not a major one I admit but it is irking me! Is that I can not get a wallpaper to display properly the phone always wants me to crop it as a square . . . ?

is it dependent on the photo gallery/camera app i have installed (simple camera - gallery)?
Any suggestions anyone?

I had no problem with a photo I took with OpenCamera. I choose Wallpapers and then My photos.

No I think it depends on the launcher and maybe different ways of setting a wallpaper. Some launchers prefer square wallpapers so when you have multiple home screens the picture scrolls along with the home screens.


Thanks, I swapped out to open launcher, and the solution was very obviously the launcher . . .
SOLVED … Thank you.


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