Google Chrome not working

HI, I have a problem with my Fairphone 2’ Google Chrome not working. Is there any thing I can do to get it working again ? I have tried clearing the cache and data storage but that didn’t work and you can’t seem to uninstall and then reinstall with Google Chrome like you can with other apps. I am going to switch to a Fairphone 4 soon but I just wondered if there was anything I could do to get Chrome back in the meantime, please ? Chrome seeems to go through the motions of starting to search but recently, the thin blue line gets three - quarters of the way acros the top of the screen and then stops. It has been getting gradually slower over the last few months. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Are you at least on Android 7?
Is the app Firefox an option?


HI Lidwien, yes I am on at least Android 11 and yes, I could download the app Firefox. Good idea.

Actually I can’t because I can’t search for it because Chrome isn’t working !
Thanks for the thought though !

Which OS and why do you not use whatever Appstore is installed?

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You don’t need a browser to search for it, just the Play Store App.

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O.K. thanks yvmuell and Incanus and Lidwien - I’ve installed Firefox from the playstore and can browse again. :slight_smile:


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