Google assistant constantly pops up when I listen to music with usb-c adapted headphones

Hii all,

Whenever I plugin my headphones with a usb-c adapter, I experience that Google Assistant persistently intervene. Every 2nd pops up a notification that I can turn on Google Assistant.

I say no, but it just pops up one 2nd after and asks if I want to turn it on.

I tried looking through Google settings to completely erase Google Assistant as a possibility on my phone, but haven’t found an option.

Does anyone experience this problem as well?

Or does anyone know what to do?

Google Assistant can be invoked when pressing a button on some headsets, so it sounds to me like the hardware is for some reason sending a signal that is interpreted by the phone as a button press. I’d start with gently cleaning the USB port with a toothpick to make sure there’s no lint in it, and trying another adapter.

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