Google Apps widget open Fairphone Updater

Hello, can anybody help me ?

I’m tired spending hours searching in the forum, trying solutions and still don’t success to get apps which are on the google apps store. I am on the point to stop using FPOpen and to get back to Android.

The Google Apps widget doesn’t function : when I click on it, Fairphone Updater opens !?!?

Thanks a lot for any help.


You have some options.
If you just want to install apps from the Play Store, but are not keep about being an involuntary data-collector for Google again, try Level 3 from this guide. (Some apps may not work in which case you can go on to Level 4)

If you want the full Google experience back and don’t mind getting spied on you can install openGAPPS.

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Try Yalp Store to download apps from Google Play (download F-Droid first).

Then, if you have “troubles” with some of them (because Google don’t want you to use apps without their poisonous services[1]), take the advice above by @paulakreuzer.

[1] = Google has used its influence on the Android ecosystem over the years to trick developers to jail you with their spying services. A technical explanation can be found here:

(Yeah, Google, “don’t be evil”)

Yalp store is a sub-option of my first suggestion. :wink:

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Oh, right, I wasn’t aware of your levels classification. Great, :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Paul, for your quickly answer ans all these informations.

I had seen and try the level 3 some months ago, with no success. For any reasons.

Today I have succed with the Yalp store. Ouf ! Apps I needed are functionning.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.



Thanks a lot, Roboe ! I’ve succed with the Yalp store.

And thanks for all thé informations.

Best regards.