Google Apps installed Delete this installer?

After updating and installing Google Apps,
I have an icon named
"Google Apps installed Delete this installer"
Can you confirm that I should go on and uninstal? Why is this step not in
the instructions?

Once the Google apps are installed, you can remove the google apps installer widget from the homescreen (it no longer serves a purpose), that’s what they mean with deleting it.

To clarify things: you can still find the installer in the widget list. And you will need it again after upgrading Fairphone OS.

But do we have to double click on that icon or do we have to drag it
to the X Remove symbol on the top?

You remove it like any other widget - drag it to the X.

@alobo just to confirm, to delete the widget from your homescreen, all you need to do is press and hold on the widget (i.e. the installer) until you see a X Remove appear at the top of the screen. Then simply drag the widget to this and hey presto it will no longer be on your homescreen.

You won’t need the widget again at the moment until future updates when you’ll need to reinstall the google services again

Minor detail: the X isn’t red until you drag something over it though :wink:

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