Goodbye to the Fairphone!

According to this FAQ:
there are 29.4k signups to the forum and 1.7k active users in the last 30 days. Since the beginning more than five hundred thousand Fairphone have been sold:

so how can you say, that one third of them has ‘seriously big problems’?


All of this already has been said to Fairphone. I can’t speak of the FP3 but the FP4 had known day 1 issues for over a year before they even acknowledged said issues.

I would recommend the FP4 to no one at this point and in the coming weeks I’ll probably be replacing it. I’m due for a new work phone and I might just switch entirely to that instead.

Say what you want of Samsung but at least their devices work without major issues and that’s really the only thing I’ve ever asked of Fairphone. And so far they’ve failed to deliver on that.

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Not the flagship product S23, that has a major flaw with the camera, that is still not really accepted by Samsung and not solved after months.
I don’t say, that Fairphone has no problems and communication is often a mess, but other manufacturers have their issues too.


Obviously, but it kind of makes sense that Samsung has issues with their phones seeing as they are supporting like 30 of them at a time.

At this time Fairphone is supporting 2, 3 if you count the FP3+ separately and they still can’t figure out the dimming issue in 1,5 years.

We are talking about the flagship of Samsung, not a 100€ phone. And this company has probably more gate keepers as Fairphone employees.


Well… how many people having no problems at all would write a forum post about it (or even bother to join the forum)? Forums are always strongly problem biased…


When you feel the urge to buy a new phone just whatch this old video

It works sometimes.


Of users HERE Pffff what is it about this phone that saying it has major flaws makes people defend it like a religion…

It’s clear …it has a lot if problems and crappy customer service

To be clear…I wish it was different…it just isn’t


customer service i actualy good. yes camera software is bad but you can juat use goofle cam mod. maybe they will get good enugh when fp7 release

Applying oneself and ones wallet is the only thing that will help ammend these issues so that others may face fewer issues and better support.

Be the change plz.

I was promised…weeks ago to get a replacement phone.

And this is not through aftersales…it seems slow reactions and promising stuff and not doing it is a company wide problem in Fairphone staff…pitty, this is going to end them in time

After 2.4 years of use I have also decided to relieve my Fairphone 3+ from its duty. It will still stay with me for a few more years but only as a backup and without any heavy apps.

I appreciate the support and responsiveness of the support team, just like the OP does. Unfortunately I’ve come to the breaking point where I cannot cope with the slowness and energy-inefficiency I have been tolerating for the past three months. (After the A13 upgrade)

In addition to software issues, my FP3’s bottom module needs replacement now. The slowness combined with battery draining has caused excessive use of the charging port, which seems to have increased its wear and tear.

For the future products at Fairphone, I would like to suggest two more things with regard to product design.

  1. Devices designed to be kept for longer need a bigger internal storage which apps can use. Not a card slot for bigger but unencrypted storage.

  2. Need wireless charging. Wired charging limits mobility, may cause more wear and tear of the charging port, and tangled cables could knock over other objects on the table. I know the counterargument concerning energy efficiency, but why not just give the user the option to decide when they use it? For example, I would use wireless charging for short periods of time during the daytime when I need to move around more. I would still use wired charging for overnight full charging. Besides, penny pitching on daytime electricity will be less appealing to solar panel owners when “de nieuwe salderingsregeling” comes to effect in The Netherlands.

See you in a few years, when newer Fairphone models evolve to be more practical for intensive use.



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Hello, I bought a Fairphone 3 because I liked the philosophy behind, the idea that I could switch pieces if needed, and even if it was more expensive, it was supposed to last longer than my previous smartphones.
However, it’s maybe the smartphone that I kept the less time, not because it was broken but because it became so slow and outdated so quickly… Maybe I should have followed some advices found here and not accept to upgrade to the last Android version, but it became barely unusable after that, taking several seconds to react to each action. Even after cleaning and resetting it with factory default.
So sorry, even if I liked the idea, I had to switch back to other brands with higher performances, maybe more that what I need now, but I will keep it longer…
Or maybe I can come back if Fairphone pushes the concept further : it could have been great to upgrade only the motherboard with a Fairphone 5 for better performances and keep the case/screen/battery/camera/etc. (even if I’m now happy to have at last a good camera, but that’s another story… )