Goodbye FP2 after 4 1/2 years

I tried very hard to realize my initial goal of using my FP2 for five years, but yesterday I pulled the plug and installed LineageOS (Android 10) on a refurbished Galaxy A3 2016 I had lying around. So far it’s a much more pleasant experience. And I can actually use that phone for phone calls!

My FP2 was replaced once on warranty (completely new / refurbished phone), I once replaced the screen, and I have an additional bottom module lying around somewhere from an unsuccessful repair attempt (if anyone needs one: PM me. It’s up for grabs). So I basically “consumed” about 2 1/2 phones in this period, which comes down to <2 years per phone.

My FP2 suffered from random reboots (unfortunately backed by a very slow boot in FPOpen), and most annoyingly it could rarely receive or place calls. Whenever I tried to call, the network strength would instantly go from four bars to “no network”. [I almost forgot to mention the lost connection to the selfie camera which bricked the camera app stuck in selfie mode: not a biggie, the camera was never really good enough to do much with it.]

Lately this had developed into some sort of meme between my close contacts, with me constantly apologizing for communication mishaps due to my phone and earning eyerolls. Plus I had to tell everyone to contact me either by SMS or call on a landline, and most businesses don’t get that they cannot call me one the mobile number they have on file.

So after a last unsuccessful attempt to see if the Android 9 beta might perform better (my phone was just as unstable, only much slower), this is goodbye to Fairphone and all of you for me! I applaud Fairphone for what they are trying to achieve, and I don’t regret helping them try. I just could never really recommend going this route to my friends and family: My FP2 was too expensive and too much hassle. And in the end it was not as environmentally friendly in my case as I had hoped it would be. I am happy to see that others had more luck.

I wish all the best to Fairphone and everyone in this wonderful community!
Stay healthy!


Thanks for sharing your FP2 story. I was suffering from a malfunctioning core unit that could not be repaired anymore, but I got another used FP2 in quite good condition. All in all, my FP2 experience really is not the “best” due to the relatively high costs compared to a rather short usage period, which is half a year in my case…

Just a few notes to your comments:

Lineage OS does exist for the FP2, too. And I am looking forward to the mobile data bugfix that I think will be rolled out shortly…

What you describe sounds like an issue with a loose antennae cable:


Thanks, @DeepSea, for your feedback. I may check the antenna cable when I get a chance. As for Lineage, I’m aware that that is also available for the FP2. The OS was never really an issue, I was perfectly fine with FPOpen. Given my attempt with the Android 9 beta, I am convinced hardware issues made my FP2 unstable.


You most likely will be absolutely correct with your guess, as the FP2 was a kind of design experiment, that in quite a few (lot) cases failed to work. The display as a vital part being fixed by some snap on locks didn’t work out to well in combination with a very flexible design. That construction put stress on the modules and especially on the connections between them. Even more so, when you put the phone in your trouser pocket regularely or in some other place, where it is moved and flexed a lot.
Add to this the snap on cover, that is more likely to let some dust and debris inside, and you get a combination, that spells desaster for too many users. Plus, there might have been some quality problems with some modules/batches of some modules; at least I got that impression from this forum.

The FP3(+) should be a totally different piece of cake - hardwarewise.
Now it’s the OS (Android 10), that’s causing some troubles. Fortunately such problems can be fixed; other than design flaws. :wink:

So, maybe you will come back to Fairphone, when the FP4 is out and a really mature device. :grin:

One should always take into consideration, that Fairphone still has (in 7 years) not yet (by far) sold as many phones als Apple does in one day. For that, they already have reached a lot of goals, done fantastic work and delivered good products. (I know, I am biased, as I got a reliably working device. :wink: )


Yes, it was a very daring and ambitious design! And I must admit I was not overly tender with my phone either, so I do have to give kudos to Fairphone for making this as robust as it was, actually. The case held up OK (well, not the original transparent case with the rubber coming apart). And the one time I damaged the screen, any other phone screen would probably have died as well.

And yes, I might come back to buy the FP4 or FP5, once my Galaxy A3 2016 shows it’s age. For now that feels so much snappier than my FP2 that I can imagine myself using it for quite a while :grin:

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And that’s of course the best thing to do and totally in line with the Fairphone philosphy, that the most ethical phone is the one you already own. And not buying a new one for whatever reason!.


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