Good start quickly stopped

I just received my second Fairphone, the 2 succeeds the 1 …
Not wanting to be linked to Google, so I spent it from the start in Faiphone Open OS, but I have some problems now. Already, contrary to what I thought, I did not find any WIKI (of course you will tell me that I have only to take by the hand …!
Of course, and that is what I will start to do in a while, but beforehand it is necessary to understand a little better!
And already two problems:
1 / How to pass root?
2 / Is there a app that can not be set to Parameters (which I do not have) and where to find it?
thank you in advance

Aaargh !! As always we seek, we search, we post. And it is just at this moment that we find what was evident :flushed:
Sorry to have bothered for nothing, so I found the answers
Good day to all !

I’m having a little trouble understanding you. Maybe it would be better to write in your mother tongue? There are helpful people for most languages here on the forum.

If I understand you right you are looking for the following wiki:

About root: Just go to Settings > “About phone” and tap the “build number” 10 times. Then the developer options will apear in Settings, right above “about phone”. There you can activate root.

If you don’t find the Settings app you’ll have to perform the “edge swipe”. To do that put your finger on the right edge of the screen and move it towards the center. 5 icons will appear, release your finger above the circle with the six dots inside.

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Oops, we posted at the same time. Did you find all the answers or are there any more questions?

Thank you for responding so fast, I am confused

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