[GONE] FP2 to give away

Hi, I give away my FP2 which has presumably a rotten core module (it doesn’t turn on anymore). Two batteries included. Blue slim case. Display fine.
You can use it for the spare parts!
I give it away fo the shipping costs, so UE country would be convenient (I live in Italy).
If you are interested write me a pm!


Hi Charlotte,

The camera of my mother’s fp 2 phone is broken.
It would be great if I could repair it using tour phone.
We live in Belgium. Ofcourse i am willing to pay for all the expenses you make for shipping.

Best regards
Lowie Van Houdenhove
lowievaho [at] gmail . com

Edit (Bertg): I just “anonymized” the mail-address, so it is no longer collected by crawlers.
Please use the PM-function of this (or any other) forum for exchanging contact data.

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Hi Charlotte

My display has an issue (the ‘e’-key is not working anymore which is rather annoying), and my bottom module is sketchy as well (mic stopped working and the charger element gave up just last night!), so I’d love the display and bottom module! Live in the UK, happy to pay for shipping.

Best wishes

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