Gmail with K9mail (or other)

You have a Gmail-account and want to work with that without Google’s own services? Install K9mail and set up your account manually with help of this page: (works with ?hl=de too)
But you have to log in to your Google-account (not mail-account) via normal browser and goto settings/devices. Search for “accept unsecure devices and apps” (I do not remember the correct translation in english) and switch that on, before you set-up any client!

Google Is firmly convinced, that any any other device other than that you use normally is insecure shit and blocks it. The same happens with “insecure” apps like K9mail and Thunderbird …



Right, I struggled quite a bit with this when setting up K-9 for a Gmail account.
When I was on vacation abroad recently I needed to log in to that Google account (not the one I’m using for Play Store on my phone). However my Internet connection was not over my “normal” SIM in roaming mode, but I was using a mobile hotspot with a prepaid SIM.
I had to enter my mobile phone number when logging in, then Google sent me a SMS code for verification.

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