Glitches and issues with the touchscreen


I have the FP5 for a few weeks now, and I’m struggling with some issues. I was hoping some of you would help me fix them before I send it back.

I find the touchscreen to be generally oversensitive, to the point where I struggle to type without making a typo every word (something that never happened to me with my previous smartphones). I also have ghost inputs for 5-10 seconds every day or so, most often on youtube. Generally it’s solved by pressing the power button, but once or twice it continued for a while. At 3 occasions it was the opposite, the touchscreen was unresponsive until I hit the phone with my hand. I suspect a connection problem with the screen but not sure how to fix it.

Any help appreciated! Thanks

I wonder if its similar to isses I’ve complained before, where specifically when I plug my phone in to charge, the touchscreen occasionally stops sensing my finger while I scroll or drag. And in rare cases, when typing on the keyboard, pressing letters on the edges of the screen gets doesnt get recognised.
These sound worse than they actually are, but it is definietly noticable.

I did also notice the ghost touches in youtube. Where the player controls show up mid video, even though I never touched the screen. But I kinda wanna blame youtube for it, because its wildly rare and inconsistent.

What I’d recommend is you keep the phone’s screen dry. The fairphone seems to not be able to reject ghost touches, when there are droplets of water on the screen. So using it in the rain isnt the nicest thing.

Until someone more expert can chime in on this, you could try taking off your screen, and put it right back. Maybe it is just a loose connector somewhere.

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TL;DR - Probably best to send it back under guarantee, it’s a new unit and the issues you report aren’t generally experienced, as far as I know.

I’ve not seen any similar reports, as far as I remember. Not my experience, anyway.

Same remark.

You’re very likely right, so in your place I’d send it back under guarantee.
Your first step is always to contactsupport either using

  • the web support request form - but this seems to be having issues itself at the moment, so your best bet is to …
  • call the Support help line +31 20 788 4400

Make sure you have backed up your data and settings.


I used to have glitches with the touch screen while charging my FP2. I fixed it by replacing my damaged usb cable. My guess is maybe there was some charge or static leaking (never felt anything though).