Giveaway FP2 Case Coral Red (FRANCE)

Give away brand new FP2 Case Coral Red ordered by mistake
you only have to pay for delivery. Located in France , near Lyon .




I’m interested, and I’m in Bayeux, France. Can you send me the details via a PM? My FP2 case is cracked and part of one corner is missing, but the phone’s still in daily use.

Merci !

Do you speak french ?
Thanks for your message. I can’t upload pictures of thé case dont’ no why… Do you have an email adresse ?
Bonne soirée !

That is because you are still a new user. Please read and browse around for 10 minutes on the forum and you should be able to send messages and upload photos.
Please don’t use emails for private transactions but the forum message system for security reasons. If there is any problem, the transaction must be able to be found by the Forum admins.


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