Give us information about the progress!

I see mostly guessing about hardware and software here. Nobody knows anything.
Moderators try to keep the users patient. Again: Don’t feel attacked! That’s your job here.
One, only one official posting in a month could bring so such clearance. A statement about
hardware and software progress. I thought, FP wants to be transparent. I cannot see.
It is still the same issue spreading over a lot of topics. And I see, @Douwe is posting in
this forum, so he also is reading here. Why doesn’t he write anything about those
significant issues. I am even not able to follow the progress in the source tree.
I bought the FP2 to have an open and transparent device. I was ready to pay the higher
price for that. I am also ready to pay a small amount monthly. But I expect periodic
statements about the dev progress and the roadmap. And I expect frequent updates.
I think, FP will never get a mainstream product without advertising. I told a lot about FP
in my circle of acquaintances. And I still do so. Nobody ever heard of it. And the only
arguments, which waked interest was the easy repair and the free choice of the os.
It will stay a geek product. And I think, most of us here are such geeks.

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