Give away - Fairphone2 Camera module 8Mp (Berlin, Germany)

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Camera module 8Mp for Fairphone 2
does work well - to give away.


I would take it for the Fairphone Angels in Cologne (and will pay the shipping costs of course).
But if there is someone in Berlin who would take it, its fine :slight_smile:


Hi Leon,

please mail your address and I will send that camera part. I will
enclose my account for the shipping cost.

If there is any use for 2 bottom modules with microphone not
working, please let me know.




Hi Dieter,

i send you an PM :slight_smile:


Hi I’m interested by your camera module. Ça you send it to me in France?
Dominique Noss


I’m sorry,

it has reached another fan already.




Hi Dieter thanks for your reply. No worries… Have a nice weekend. Dominique