Giffgaff SIM issue

i just got a sim-only fairphone 2. my giffgaff sim is recognised in Settings/SIM cards with the correct details (operator, number) but the sim icon is crossed out and lock screen displays message: No SIM - No Service. so on the one hand, phone knows the sim is there; on the other, sim is not being allowed to supply any data to the phone. i tried putting sim in other sim slot; changing sim name to O2-UK instead of giffgaff (message appeared saying ‘please enter valid sim name’. please help! thanks

Do you see two sim symbols on top of the screen? Only one sim symbol should be crossed out.
Make sure your sim is in simlock one.
Check the settings.
Go to ‘Settings’,
go to 'SIM cards’
make sure that the Preferred SIM for
Mobile data, calls and SMS messages is set for SIM 1.

Thanks for advice. There is only one sim symbol at top of screen which is crossed out. The signal icon (triangle) is active and strong. My sim is in simlock1. In Setting / SIM cards, preferred sim is sim 1, but the fields for mobile data, calls and sms are greyed out and cannot be selected…

They are greyed out because you only have one SIM. So it’s not necessary/possible to set a preferred one…

You should see two triangles and the second triangle crossed out.
Irina is correct about the greyed fields.

You can ignore that message. It appears with both of my SIMs as well. The name you type in, is not important, you can put there anything that YOU like.

Hmm thanks for all the useful info. followed all suggestions including updating to 1.1.7. But still got ‘no Sim - no service’ message and still no data from sim. will be calling FP hotline tomorrow as soon as lines open after bank holiday closure.

Could you please post a screenshot (press vol- and power button at the same time)?

As said before, if you only have one SIM, it’s normal that you get the “no sim” message, because slot 2 is empty. In order to get rid of it, the only thing you can do at the moment is to get a second SIM.

What do you mean with “still no data from SIM”? That you can’t get a mobile internet connection? In this case you should check your APN settings:

Hi all, was this resolved as I have exactly the same thing with my new Fairphone 2? Many thanks! (Except I am with a different network provider)

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. The problem was resolved. However, now I am in Kenya with a giffgaff UK sim and a local Safaricom sim - 95% of the time NEITHER sim works i.e. there is no signal at all with either. very occasionally (only in Nairobi city centre) the signal drops in briefly before dropping out again. I have tested both sims in other phones and they work fine. This is definitely an FP2 handset issue, and agree with other threads, it seems FP2 is unable to perform the most basic function of a mobile phone - make and receive calls and texts. Gutting as I like everything else about it.

I’m joining this thread because I also have a GiffGaff SIM and because the last comment from bleatkins matches entirely my very frustrating experience not getting signal abroad.
I also—having had my FP2 for almost a year—now have a problem with what I think is sim-card burnout. At least twice a day, my phone entirely drops signal and has to be rebooted to get it back. Of course I get no warning, so anyone trying to call or message me gets no response and I don’t realise till next time I look at my phone. Disappointed. I guess we will not get another for my OH and that makes me sad because I deeply support Fair Trade but cannot support a phone that doesn’t work.

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