Ghost inputs on FP4

Hey all - sorry to see others are also having this problem, but glad to find out I’m not the only one!

I’m having a couple of other issues like hissing static when playing audio, and at one point I even had a weird thing where when the phone was plugged in and I touched its edges while I had earphones connected to another device, I could hear buzzing in the headphones… like I was completing some sort of circuit?

Doubt these things are related but could indicate something up with the phone internally? I need to try to troubleshoot each of these individually at some point!

Heya, I don’t know if this is potentially relevant information or not, but yesterday I wiped my phone and switched to CalyxOS and the frequency of ghost inputs has at least reduced, if not dropped to zero - I haven’t noticed it happening since I switched over.

I’ll keep observing (and I note other users have had several days without the problem before it has returned (e.g. @facetto ?) but it seems possible that at least some part of the problem is software-related?

I also hope, that this problem is over, when Andoid 12 comes.

I’m on Android 13 now - maybe that’s part of it

EDIT: wait never mind, it just happened again… I do think it may be less bad though still!

It’s now 14 days since I (unrelatedly) dis- and reassembled my phone and the problem did not occur since.

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I ve got exactly the same problem. Last time, my phone was laying on my desk, i was not touching it, but i was a conversation with the :studio_microphone:. I really seen the pause button turn to on, without any touching at all! My friend was excluded form my conversation without my consent!

Sometimes , a lot of ghosting touch happened with any reason, like a crazy message on textphone, for…nodbody

It s very “pénible”!

I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the touch screen on my fair phone 4.

  1. The gesture/swipe detection is too sensitive. I frequently will press a button, like dismissing an alarm, but it registers as a swipe instead of a press.

  2. I frequently get “ghost touches” (several times a week, someone’s multiple in the same day) where the touch screen registers touches when there is nothing in contact with the screen. Once this occurred when my Swype keyboard was on the screen and it drew vertical lines up and down the middle of the keyboard.

Any suggestions on how to address/ troubleshoot either of these would be great. I’m comfortable going through the developer menus, or hooking up adb if that will help.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic, as both your problems are likely caused by the same underlying issue.

If you haven’t already, #contactsupport, they prioritize issues by the number of opened tickets.

Hi all
having the same problem on FP4. On average every 20 minutes I get random inputs along the center line of the phone.

Hi all,
same issue here. For me the ghost inputs happen randomly two to three times a week. Mostly when I type a message but it also occurred when I just turned on the display.
Normally it helped to turn off the display wait five seconds and turn it on again.
As it started to get annoying I looked up the forum.
I just disassembled and reassembled the display as suggested. If the ghost inputs stay I’ll take a screen shot the way @facetto suggested (Thanks for that).
I hope FF support will react to this problem if more reports about it come in.


Thanks everyone for this thread. I am having the same issue for a month now and just created a support request mentioning this thread and asking for a general solution, without needing to send in our phones…


I have experienced ghost inputs about once an hour for the last few months. If I happen to have the keyboard showing then I can see the exact pattern of the ghost inputs. It goes up and down exactly in the center of the screen and runs for about 5 seconds. 2 days ago I read some suggestions about cleaning the contacts inside. I simply took the phone apart completely and put it back together. I didn’t “clean” the contacts with alcohol because I didn’t have any. Since I put it back together I haven’t yet got any ghost inputs. Perhaps it’s still too early to be sure it’s fixed but I’m very happy so far.


Given the reports, I’ll be reassembling this weekend to see if I can add another datapoint. The ghost inputs have gotten only more frequent over time (many times a day now)

Will report back after a few weeks with results to be sure it’s not a fluke.

I can really recommend to reassemble your phone. I deactivated the Pointer location just yesterday after having no more problems for three weeks.

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What is pointer location?

It shows where you tap on the screen and it’s found in developer options.

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Since I have activated Ponter location in the developer options for about 4 days, ghost touches never happened again!!! Please try it all.

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Sorry, that’s coincidence only. At least in my case the pointer location didnt change anything.

The ghost problem is still gone one week after reassembly of my fp4. I consider this a definite fix to the ghost problem.


Hi! I have the ghost input issue on my FP4 which I bought one month ago. Happens with or without bluetooth device connected, I have no screen protection or case and the issue appears both when the phone is in my hand and on a desk. I have never seen it when charging. It started on week two, then have become more and more frequent, now appearing almost every time I use the phone for more than a minute. I will try the disconnect/connect display fix and report back after a day or two. Aside from this loving the phone =)