Ghost inputs on FP4

Yesterday I found out that I can trigger the ghost inputs by slightly knocking the phone’s back against my hand.

After that I disassembled and disconnected the screen. After reassembling it, I was not able to trigger the ghost inputs any more as described above.

Therefore it seemed to be a connection problem of the display connector.


Thanks @katho80, that´s backing up the hypothesis of the bad connector as root cause. I tried knocking the back of my phone but wasnt able to trigger it.

Update on my own FP4: After 4 days without recognizable ghost input it again happened yesterday. It was a massive ghost input and also happened app. 5 times in 36 hours. Thats less than before I opened the phone but yes, it´s annoying to have it back. Still I am convinced that the connector is the root cause, otherwise I wouldnt have 4 days without any incident after fixing it.

Not sure how to continue now. The FP service told me (after calling them; no reply to my service ticket) that I would need to send it in and it would take app. 2 weeks before I have it back in my hands. Pretty unattractive option.

Greetings, Christoph


I’m glad I’m not completely alone in this issue, but also disappointed to see there’s no real acknowledgement of the issue from Fairphone, or a proposed fix beyond sending the phone in.


Sometimes I also have this issue. Only a restart could solve this problem.

This is weird. I have never experienced this behavior with my FP4. (So it probably isn’t a software issue.) In any case, if reconnecting the display (and cleaning the connectors) doesn’t fix the problem then it’s very likely a hardware issue. When did you purchase your phones? Maybe it’s a bad batch of displays. Nonetheless, this should be covered by the warranty. I doubt that there is really any option other than sending your phones to Fairphone for diagnostics.

I bought mine in October 2021 and it shipped in Novemeber. Reports earlier in the thread are from a phone bought in July 2022 so unfortunately the bad batch theory is also probably out.

Sadly I agree, nothing much more to be done than sending the phone back under warranty.

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I have the same Problem + crackling Mic and unuseable hands-free telephoning.
I think switching from Oneplus 5 was a mistake :frowning:


Hi, I have the same problem with ghost typing. One part of solving was to get a new simcard. Mine was 5 years old, that seems top be very old… Now the ghost typing is a lot better and next I will try to reconnect the display to get rid of the rest…


Hi @katho80 did you send it to the the FP service and do you have already a reply from the FP service?

Hi @us264,
since reconnecting the display I did not have ghost inputs anymore. In my support ticket I pointed to this thread, but did not get an answer any more. The last reply from support was from 22nd September (before I pointed to this thread).

I bought my FP4 at the end of May, 2022.

Waiting two weeks for my phone to be repaired by support is not an option to me. If they send me a new one, they can have my current one for testing purposes.


Hi @katho80 thx.

I want to ask @facetto too. You wrote that it happed again

What did you finally do?

Thx and Greetings!


Hi @us264 , sorry for my late reply. I didnt do anything else than once reconnecting the plug. Sending it in is not an option for me neither. Interestingly with my phone there are phases in which the error occures very rarely and/or very light only, even without reconnecting the plug.

BR, Christoph

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Hi @facetto ,

thx! But we still have no idea what´s reason for this problem?

Best regards

correct, no update afaik. and fairphone is not really paying attention to this issue. picking at least one of us to offer a spare phone in order to thoroughly check for the root cause would be what I expect.

VG, Christoph

I also had once this issue. But now it’s ok. Now I don’t have a protective glass on the display. I try it without this glass. In a few days I will put a protective glass on the display, and then I will except ghost touches.

Hi Martin, there are several people here including me confirming that they have the issue without protective display covers.

I’m experiencing ghost touch issues as well. Occasionally my phone decides to do whatever in whatever apps for unknown reasons.
I experienced it especially when typing something.
I also experienced it when using Zoom. It turned my mice and cam on and switched modes (as in scrolled horizontally). That’s extremely inconvenient. I’m not using screen protector foils and I also (not only) experience it after cleaning my display.
Unfortunately I don’t know what triggers it either.
Hoped to find help here, but it seems as if you’re still struggeling as well.
I didn’t see that behavior in the beginning, but it has happened in the past few months.


I have the same problem with ghost inputs withmy FP4.
But there are ghost inputs only when I have it in my hand and the “Fairphone 4 Protective Soft Case” is on the phone. Without the Softcase I have no Problems with ghost inputs.
Is there somebody with the same solution for this problem?

Now, I had ghost inputs without a protective case. I only had the Bumper. I think there is a problem. What is the answer from Fairphone???
Greetings Martin

The answer of fairphone? first you need to call them to get any answer to your ticket. then they will ask you to send your phone to France for repair and thus you’ll be without Smartphone for app. 2 weeks. with a certain risk that the issue stays as apparently they dont unterstand the root cause currently.

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