Ghost inputs on FP4

I wonder if the ghost touches, same as the unresponsive touch inputs may be caused by static buildup.

It’s well-known by now, that the screen becomes much more responsive if you hold the phone in your hands versus using the touchscreen while the phone is on the table.

Even if you are using a plastic case, having more conductive mass nearby reduces static buildup a lot.

If that theory is correct, both issues should be less of an issue in higher humidity areas, since humidity also affects static buildup.

That would mean, the issues are worse in dry air and better in humid air.

For people with ghost touch issues, could some of you please check if humidity changes the issue? Maybe compare it to when you are in the bathroom and let the shower run some hot water for a few minutes to steam the place up a bit. (Don’t put the phone in contact with water though!)

Over at this link, someone noted a very similar issue on an OnePlus phone where the cause is static buildup: OnePlus Community

They attributed that to tiny variances in the build of the phone. The modularity of the FP4, I suspect, makes this problem much more pronounced, since screwed parts can move more than glued parts.