Ghost inputs on FP4

interesting finding, thanks.
If I find some time I will open and check my replacement FP which has been sent to me in June with the promise that ghost touches “really should be very improbable” with it.

I did it as described here and lo and behold: I also saw this copper stain. I sanded down the sheet metal a bit and insulated the ribbon cable. No Ghosttouches for 2 days. That’s excellent so far.

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Aaand I’m back. The tape worked really nice since my last post, nothing whatsoever. Until just now, when a rather violent, sudden ghost returned. I’ll open 'er up to check what the deal is, but, yeah seems like it’s back… that was the most reliable repair since buffering up the connector stopped working…

Update after checking: Nothing out of the ordinary visible. My 2 layers of isolating tape are still on there, undamaged. Can’t see any copper anywhere else, either. So, yeah, guess it was nice while it lasted. Was really nice to feel like actually holding a proper smartphone in my hand again. If that reads somewhat sad to need to say, Fairphone, that’s because it very much was. Is.

Really hoping the foam pads, isolating tape, soon ducttape to hold the broken backplate closed, and the upcoming (software…) patch will make up for that for good. And hopefully quickly and for everyone, including custom ROMs. I REALLY want this to work.


I got one today as well… So I guess it’s back to the same old suffering. At least I tried.

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I wouldn’t say the same old, since my ghost was incredibly persistent and always waiting to strike. The tape as good as solved that, with the exception of one spooky event yesterday, and again nothing since. It absolutely does something and it’s the biggest step in the right direction I’ve had in a very long while at that.

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Hi, just created an account to leave my feedback as well.
As suggested I enabled pointer visual feedbacks and this is what I have when the ghost inputs bug gets triggered.

My FP has the official cover.
With daily usage I get this bug a couple of times per week.

Sometimes it happens while I’m typing on the virtual keyboard (I have vibration on keypress, maybe it could be related?).
I wonder if the vibration module could interfere in some way with the digitizer.

Update: I may have to take that back, possibly. I’ve just had an episode of 4 very violent ghost inputs in a row again. But it’s still different. Before the tape, it was always looming. Left the screen on for a few minutes, and it would more likely than not happen. Now however, it feels much less likely for sure. If something happens, then it’s always been a very violent ghost, when before it may also just have happened for a split second or maybe two seconds. Didn’t see that type happening since putting on the tape.

When I get time I might ask some test cables from some former colleagues with whom I repaired iphones with for about two years. Maybe some will fit and I might be able to measure some signals as well. Since this “fix” is having some effect it might be interesting to investigate further. Maybe I can spot some abnormalities. I’m still fairly convinced this is a hardware problem.
BTW for example IP7 and IP6+ also had some crazy mechanical failures. Tracks on motherboards braking from stress. Later sandwiched boards had the boards separating from vibrations and all kinds of weird stuff.
All these anomalies here are nothing surprising but it’s just sad that it’s been quite a while and the issue is still not dealt with.


I don’t, and I’ve never once had a ghost touch. And if I have, I haven’t really noticed it. That’s coming from someone technologically cursed, by the way.

Can you turn it off and see if the issue goes away?

Switched off haptic feedback for keyboard keys and bottom 3 buttons as well.
I’ll report probably not before a whole week, I feel like this is the minimum time needed before saying anything about this issue.

I have had that turned off for a long time and still have the issue but seemingly less often since adding tape months ago.

I also have the issue since about a month, occuring randomly, perhaps once a day that I see it.
I opened a ticket. Let’s see what they will tell me.

Continuing from my last message; still loads of ghost entries.
It really seems to vary per day.

No word from customer service yet.

My FP4 is now one year old.
I red about ghost touches.
I think my phone does it.
How can I find out if it is really ghost touch and what can I do against it?

Pleae have a look above, the upcoming update might be able to resolve this

Just released :slightly_smiling_face:


What caused the Ghost Touches?


after @guits finding with the sharp edge and the hole in the display cable´s insulation I checked it on my phone which has been fully replaced by Fairphone in June due to ghost touching. I found the same sharp edge and the resulting blank spot on the cable. So that´s apparently not what Fairphone finds critical in regard to the ghost touches. Nevertheless I refrained from sanding or deburring the edge as I wouldnt be able to prevent aluminium sanding dust ending up inside the phone. I just added a layer of tesa film on the area and hope to have softened the edge by that.


I think i was going crazy, I was experiencing ghost inputs for more than half a year now on my FP4. I have failed to contact support for what clearly seemed like a hardware problem to me, because I was unable to film it with a second phone: Everytime I wanted to film it, it didn’t happen.

So when today that OTA update popped up and I’ve read that it aims to resolve these ghost touches, that’s when I learned that others are experiencing the same thing. I’m happy that you guys have recognized and addressed this issue! And I’m scratching my head how that could be solved by a software update :smiley: Reduced sensitivity maybe?

Anyway, I’m very curious how my FP4 behaves during the next days and weeks in this regard. Thanks again!


It could also be fixed if quick successive touches in the middle of the screen were ignored.