Ghost inputs on FP4

My FP4 is now one year old.
I red about ghost touches.
I think my phone does it.
How can I find out if it is really ghost touch and what can I do against it?

Pleae have a look above, the upcoming update might be able to resolve this

Just released :slightly_smiling_face:


What caused the Ghost Touches?


after @guits finding with the sharp edge and the hole in the display cable´s insulation I checked it on my phone which has been fully replaced by Fairphone in June due to ghost touching. I found the same sharp edge and the resulting blank spot on the cable. So that´s apparently not what Fairphone finds critical in regard to the ghost touches. Nevertheless I refrained from sanding or deburring the edge as I wouldnt be able to prevent aluminium sanding dust ending up inside the phone. I just added a layer of tesa film on the area and hope to have softened the edge by that.


I think i was going crazy, I was experiencing ghost inputs for more than half a year now on my FP4. I have failed to contact support for what clearly seemed like a hardware problem to me, because I was unable to film it with a second phone: Everytime I wanted to film it, it didn’t happen.

So when today that OTA update popped up and I’ve read that it aims to resolve these ghost touches, that’s when I learned that others are experiencing the same thing. I’m happy that you guys have recognized and addressed this issue! And I’m scratching my head how that could be solved by a software update :smiley: Reduced sensitivity maybe?

Anyway, I’m very curious how my FP4 behaves during the next days and weeks in this regard. Thanks again!


It could also be fixed if quick successive touches in the middle of the screen were ignored.

I think this is in fact the most interesting question here.


I installed the update, but the problem persists sadly. At least it is worked on, but I am not too happy how the communication is handled by Fairphone.

(Official case, different screen foils tested, reattached the display, which helpes a few weeks.)

Hope they’ll figure something out.


That’s interesting, I had ghost touches every time I used my phone and it stopped right after the update. How it is described in this endless thread, the problem may have many causes, probably your problem is hardware driven. Mine existed for half an year until the update.


Hi and welcome, in this case contactsupport

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Just want to report that after the update it seemed fixed at first, but since yesterday the problem came back, however not as intensively as before.


While most of the ghost touch problem was possibly software related, there are also cases where the actual screen has a hardware issue. No amount of software fixes will help in that case. So if you applied the update and the problems persist, you should really contactsupport and also mention this fact.

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wow. I am a little speechless currently as my FP4 which was replaced in June with the promise to have fixed the ghost touches just suffered from - you guess it - a ghost touch.
I will not yet install the latest update because of the reported issues with it.

Just to report that I never faced the issue again after this update.

4 days are not enough to draw any conclusion but I’ll hope to confirm this again in some days :crossed_fingers:

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Still in absence of any official explanation, and not yet able to download the new update, I think the problem might (also) be related to pressure on the screen or case. I normally put my phone and wallet (a thin card wallet, not a big one!) in the same pants pocket. Since moving the wallet to a different pocket a few weeks ago I haven’t noticed the issue a single time, and I’ve had screen debug mode on specifically to watch for glitches. For me this is already proving more effective than thickening the foam pad holding the display cable, where the problem already started reocurring after 2 days.
Haven’t checked yet if my cable’s damaged from the sharp edge in the case.

Did you read the link to the post just above your comment ? It is official.

This statement is not about Ghost Touches but about the side effects of the Ghost touch patch?


I have installed the update a few days ago and have not yet seen the issue again. As it occurred randomly and (fortunately) not too often, I am not yet sure if the issue is fixed by the update.

Have you ever considered that the issue was introduced with a previous SW update? I think I have seen the ghost touches since perhaps 1 or 2 months. And SW updates come per month, I think.
Best regards!