Ghost inputs on FP4

It would be interesting if they reoccur if you reset the setting. The pointer speed setting has nothing to do with touch screen sensitivity and should just affect the speed of the shown pointer when you attach a mouse or a dock with a touchpad to your phone.

@Hans_de_Vries would you mind giving some details on what exactly you tried? Did you stick some pad to the back of the display connector? If so, how thick was the pad you used?

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I’ve experienced the ghost inputs too, it’s like something is swiping across the screen. This always happens near my inductive stove when cooking, so I’m guessing some electromagnetic fields are causing them in my case.

I also have ghost touches on my FP4. I had similar issues on my FP2 and hoped to get rid of them since it has been designed more sturdy. I am disappointed that Faiphone could not manage to get better at this. Like on my FP2, it helps to bend the phone a little. I guess this supports the thesis that the connector to the screen is not tightly enough connected.

I’ve had ghost inputs yesterday the first time I disassembled and reassembled it. But it where only for a short time and only once so far.

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This may add some noise to the thread, but I want to remind people to #contactsupport if they experience the issue after disassembling and reassembling.

I had issues with ghost touch in my FP3, as this thread shows. It was a combination issue of a faulty digitizer, which I got replaced, an a loose connector on the received display. The issue took some time to resolve but thankfully I was able to replace the display myself and didn’t have to spend significant time without my phone. In your ticket to support I suggest you link this forum thread and also send some similar diagnostics as to those that are included here, it can reduce the time it takes to get a response.

Also anecdotally I wanted to share the times when I observed the touches on my FP3 getting worse, before I got a replacement display and firmly seated the connectors - they seem to match with the issue you see on the FP4.

  • multiple apps and tabs open
  • high temperature above 34C
  • sometimes, plugged into certain chargers

I figured out what at least for me is causing the ghost inputs. Fairphone 4 seems to have poor electromagnetic shielding affecting the touch screen. My phone goes absolutely haywire near an induction stove even as far as 1 meter away. Never had the same problem with any other phone.
I have no idea what the fix would be as I’m not an engineer. I hope this helps at least some of you.

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I just sent in my FairPhone 4 with the exact same issue.
Since it got 5 years of warranty, I will definitely use the FairPhone service, but if this issue is that persistent and it is correct what people here said, that FairPhone does not acknowledge an issue with the device, then I would sadly ditch the phone, since it makes the phone unusable.
For me, I did not discover any direct cause to the problem. Got the Phone since October 2022 and it only started to happen around Christmas, so it was working fine for a few weeks.

To clearify a bit more:

  • It got nothing to do with charging (happens on charging and non charging)
  • It got nothing to do with screen protectors (happens with and without)
  • it got nothing to do with bumpers (happens with and without bumper)
  • it got nothing to do with software (happens all over the place, random intervals, random duration)
  • it stopps when turning off the display (though this can’t be verified, since one can’t “see” the inputs after the screen is off)
  • it can be hold by pressing a finger onto the screen (basically forcing a constant touch input, overriding the others), but sometimes it keeps going when the finger is lifted again
  • it got nothing to do with humidity (normal 40-60% humidity here)
  • it got nothing to do with temperature (happened in warm rooms as well as cold outside)

It is back again. It started when writing in whatsapp. And it’s in the middle of the screen. Typing a lot of 5 and app opens which are located in the middle of the screen. It went crazy and stopped only when I shut the phone down.
So the testing I wrote about did not work.
Fairphone should be aware that this issue is very bad and they need to fix it.
I will send them a message that I want it to be repaired. If they can’t repair this I want my money back.

Of course it does. Otherwise it would always press something in the pocket. :wink:

This is a “normal” behaviour for these screens. There is some sort of a low level driver which tries to clarify which of these “presses” are the real fingertip. You can compare that with a keyboard: every keyboard has a (very, very, very low powered :wink: processor in it. One of the task this processor has is to filter out the key rebounds (in german “Tastaturprellen”). So to figure out how many times you really pressed the key and what was just the physical condition of key rebounds.

To sum it up: the ghost pressing doesn’t behave like using fingers on the display.

Actually, I don’t have these problems. But with my old background as an electronics technican in the phone business (that’s 25 years ago, though :wink: and what I’ve read overall, especially what @Hans_de_Vries wrote, everything points to an issue with the connector. Since someone also replaced the screen and the issue didn’t go away, the chance is there that’s an issue with the socket and not with the plug of the display. As we all know: the socket can’t be replaced… Since it continues through a year now, even a “bad batch” is not very likely (but that’s still possible, if they’ve a big stock as a consequence to keep the fairness for the assembling company).
If it is not a bad batch of connectors, it would be very likely a faulty design. That would be quite bad news for Fairphone. No matter if people send it in. It would be the first, only and last Fairphone for me, and a lot of other people… :frowning:

Quite frankly, I would highly recommend the fix of @Hans_de_Vries with a bit of hope this fixes the issue. It would still be a small design flaw, but one which is quite easy to fix and won’t bankrupt Fairphone.

At least that’s the moment that Fairphone should post something here and stop thinking building a community is just providing a user forum, and it’s not necessary to be part of the community themselves…


It’s been 5 weeks since my little hardware adjustment and I haven’t experienced any ghost inputs yet. I will keep you guys informed. Have a nice day!


Dear ghost input sufferers, pls. observe and post here wether the update to Android 12 is helping to reduce/solve the issue. According to the support there’s a certain chance for that, let’s hope the chance is real :smiling_face_with_tear:

I will update in a few days, first waiting for the community to state about absence of potential additional issues. I dont need more trouble with my FP4 right now…


Hi guys. Same for me. After I removed and re-attached the display connector, the issue seems to have been gone. At least 3 weeks now without the pain :grinning:.
I hope that was it and that some vibrations do not impact connectivity again.

I keep getting ghost inputs after the A12 update. So it seems to indicate that, as seems to be the concensus now, it is a hardware issue.

I’m on Android 12 and had ghost inputs an hour ago.

That’s because it is probably a hardware issue. Try my fix as described above. I haven’t had any ghost inputs since.


My working fix from November (reassembly) may have finally started to fail. I’ve had two or three short ghost inputs since yesterday after I accidentally let something heavy fall onto my phone.

I think it’s loosened the screen connector again, which I now suspect was originally caused by dropping the phone onto a hard floor.

Dissapointment is growing with the Fairphone 4.

Sometimes this happens:

Like continious swiping with a finger over the keyboard, but the phone just laying on the table. Display is clean.

Second error: phone is put into portrait mode, but changes the direction of the screen.


Anyone knows this errors?

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic.

As you can tell from the number of reports, you aren’t alone with that problem.

Your second issue might be related to …

… you can follow up there.

Thanks, I didn’t had the right word for the search.

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