Ghost Hits in pictures taken with FP5 camera

I took some pictures of scenes that have a high dynamic range (salute to the very German tradition of setting up mulled wine stands as brightly lit candle pyramids at Christmas markets), using FP5’s camera with the default app and near-default settings. In many, I could see what I would call “ghost hits”, i.e. very bright pixels cause increased brightness values at a point that corresponds to their position rotated by 180° around the centre of the image. I marked the area in the picture:

(Note that the sky was pretty evenly dark, this is just a picture taking phenomenon.)

Using a Pixel 7 Pro, we could reproduce a comparable behaviour, so it’s probably a bit of an upstream issue. Yet, it is pretty annoying.


Did you use the super-night mode?

I took many pictures yesterday without super-night mode. Not sure if I cant find any ghost pictures, because there isnt enough dark sky on mine or because of normal mode?


No, I didn’t. (I wasn’t even aware this mode exists, thanks for pointing out.)

I used the default settings of the camera.


This looks like some sort of lens internal reflection, it is very similar to how lens flares are present.

In the right conditions even the best cameras/lens will show some form of it.

A nice explanation about these kind of effects kind can be seen in this video (MinutePhysics@Youtube):

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