Getting the FP4 to stock

Hello guys,
I need your help

I have rooted my FP4 using the mothod first publiced by hirnsushi in this post.
Then I wasnt willing to manual update my phone for every upcomming update, so I uninstalled magisk and wanted to lock my bootloader again. This was a big mistake. I was stuck in a boot(loader) loop. After some days of trying diffrent things i got the fastboot flashing process working with manually installing some Samsung ADB drivers over the device manager. kinda sketchy i know.
Then I flashed the A.067-boot.img and my FP4 started working again. Kinda, my WLAN function is broken, it wont active and my System UI randomly crashes.

Question 1: Could anyone give me a short tutorial how i can get my FP4 to the stock factory settings?

Question 2: How do I boot in fastboot mode?

Question 3: Does someone have the right ADB drivers? (my phone is only recognized in fastbootmode, not if its normaly turned on and connected to my PC)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask

thanks in advance

Welcome to the community :wave:

Your wifi is broken because you flashed a kernel that doesn’t match your installed system.

Since your bootloader seems to be unlocked you can follow the official instructions:

Make sure you unlock the critical partitions fastboot flashing unlock_critical

Unplug your phone → Turn it off → Hold Vol. Down and plug it back in

I assume this is Windows? :thinking:
If it is I can’t help you there, but you should be able to complete all those steps above without adb access.

Edit: Oh and I wouldn’t relock the bootloader afterwards at the moment. There seem to still be some underlying issues with that, several people have bricked their phones attempting it.
Better wait for Fairphone to resolve that problem first.


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