Getting rid of OpenGapps leads to bootloop into TWRP


I am running LineageOS 17.1 with encryption, opengapps and Magisk installed without problems. I tried to get rid of opengapps as mentioned here. I wiped the system partition and after rebooting into TWRP I tried to use the file manager to find the data inside /data but it was empty and I figured it cannot be displayed because of the encryption. Well than I installed the new LOS build and Magisk, wiped the cash and rebooted into system which caused a bootloop after entering the encryption password. It always reboots to TWRP.

After that I wiped the system partition again and reinstalled the LOS build without Magisk, because I read in some forums that Magisk can cause such loops. Anyway the phone keeps on bootlooping until I flash opengapps. After that everything works fine.

Note: The phone does not enter the system optimization phase but reboots during the LOS - bar is displayed.

Is there a way to get rid of opengapps without performing a factory reset (what I mean with that is I do not want to wipe the user data or get rid of the encryption)?

Thank you and have a nice evening!

Did you try this more recent one from the thread you linked to? …

Sounds reasonable to me in theory.

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Good morning.
No, I flashed a more recent buid. I’ll try as soon as I get some free time with my phone :wink:
Thank you!

what do you think about that?

Wiping System should delete all files in /system … how would a file in /system/addon.d survive?

"Is it necessary to reinstall Open GApps EVERY time I update my ROM?

Probably not. If your ROM supports addon.d backup functionality (most ROMs do), it’s not necessary to install Open GApps with each ROM update - as long as you don’t manually wipe the System partition."

… meaning that Wiping System should delete the file in /system/addon.d.

That’s what I thought too, but I don’t know enough about it…

@AnotherElk thank you very much for your commitment and fast help. It’s nice to see that knowledgeable and motivated users like you are active in the forum!

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