Getting a response from Fairphone support

I waited 11 days to get a first response to my FP4 microphone issue which affected many phone calls that I had recently.

[Following part is just a personal rant, feel free to skip it]

Unfortunately the issue is still not solved so I had to switch to an second hand iPhone 8 that I already had.
I get that giving support is not easy, but in 15 years I never had a phone with call quality issues (and I always spent less than 300€). I never had the need to contact support, maybe I was just lucky.
However with FP4 I had issues with the microphone (software related) and a faulty touchscreen (see Ghost inputs on FP4).

I cannot cope with having issues with such critical components, especially since the FP4 is the most expensive phone that I had in my entire life.
Yes I know that it costs more because it has design and industrial decisions which respects the environment, the workers and clients rights to repair but honestly it’s not enough for me to justify the poor overall quality (and I’m not taking into account other issues such as camera quality, camera delay in taking pictures or the inaccurate automatic rotation).