Getting a response from Fairphone support

Ok Guys

I’ll try and keep this civil, and within the guiidelines of the forum.

My Fairphone 4 which I purchased in April 22 has stopped taking charge on 12 Nov

On discovering there is a 8-10 day delay on getting a response from support I order a replacement port on 15 Nov and I raise a support ticket requesting repayment for purchase .
No response and support is not contactable by phone number provided.
26th Nov I discover I have ordered incorrect USB C port
27th Nov I get an apologetic reply from Ed in support
I respond immediately seeking correct port and a refund.

Since then nothing… I’m just talking into the void.

Who knows how to jolt the system out of its torpor ?

Is this what we are supposed to expect?

BTW Fairphone I’m not interested that you have a new phone out and that it impact on your support teams. I want service with the one I already have and for you to meet the terms of your original purchase & garentees


That means since two and a half days?

You are absolutely right, the response time of Fairphone is always very slow, that’s annoying. But I still think your case is in process, so have a little bit more patience.

Which telephone number did you use?

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Please can you verify if you are in a position to expedite my concerns ? If you are it might be worth my my time expanding on how the response of the 27th was no more helpful than the auto reply I recieved on 15th advising of an 8-10 day wait.

So yes 15 days !

No one here is in the position, its a user/community forum

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So my dilemma seems to be should I just bite the bullet and re-order a correct USB C port and hope for Fairphone to recompense my or wait for support to resolve the matter?

What would others recommend ?

So no one from Fairphone take note of these comms…that’s useful to know

Thank You

Rarely they do, however in general the forum is no official support contact.

And I would recommend calling them the phone number is e.g. documented here contactsupport

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My advice ( in addition to calling) would be to make sure to cancel the unwanted purchase. I am not sure how soon this message will be passed on internally.


Mqybe when you place in the subject bar Sales, companies are keen on selling things. First, establish contact, from there you can go further.

This is the phone number +31 20 788 4400, well that’s the way Iwould work, good luck. Hopefully your problems get solved soon.


I think you’re whining at a high level. :wink: I informed support on 25.10.2023 that I wanted to pick up my FairPhone 5 in a parcel store (in Germany) and that the parcel had been delivered there by UPS, but that the parcel itself could not be found in the store (WTF.) On October 31, a FairPhone service employee replied to me and assured me that an investigation would be initiated regarding my order. This process would take about 14 days (OK, THX, GUYS.). I was assured that a replacement would be sent to me within a “reasonable time since I first contacted them (i.e. on 25.10.).” (YAY.) On 10.11. I received an (automated) apology for the delay - nothing more. (MEEEH.) On 22.11. I asked when I would receive my replacement. Since then: silence. I am frustrated and annoyed. (DAFUQ!)

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there are more and more topics of the bad service which fairphone offers here in the forum and yes I know that no one from the company is reading this forum (or better to say mostly not!).

But is Fairphone aware of this image decrease? Sorry to say that but the most user are contacting the forum, mostly before (!!) they buy a (new) phone. And what do you thinknas a potential buyer from a forum which always tells me about a waiting time for support of 8-10 times or missing packages, repairs that take 3 months and so on …

So in my opinion fairphone employeeds NEED TO TAKE CARE of this … before they loose more and more customer …




if I had read the number of complaints about the support beforehand, I would not have bought a Fairfone4. Thank goodness I haven’t had any problems worth mentioning so far and I sincerely hope it stays that way

Although I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is annoying that the support from FP is not that fast, and that this is not good for the image of the company, I think you should keep in mind the forum bias: if everything with support is going well, there is no need to post about it on the forum, so places like these will always see a high amount of negative experiences. For me, the times that I contacted support the answers were generally not that fast (usually within a week) but helpful. Contacting customer support from any company can be really frustrating, and I hope your cases will be solved soon.


I waited 11 days to get a first response to my FP4 microphone issue which affected many phone calls that I had recently.

[Following part is just a personal rant, feel free to skip it]

Unfortunately the issue is still not solved so I had to switch to an second hand iPhone 8 that I already had.
I get that giving support is not easy, but in 15 years I never had a phone with call quality issues (and I always spent less than 300€). I never had the need to contact support, maybe I was just lucky.
However with FP4 I had issues with the microphone (software related) and a faulty touchscreen (see Ghost inputs on FP4).

I cannot cope with having issues with such critical components, especially since the FP4 is the most expensive phone that I had in my entire life.
Yes I know that it costs more because it has design and industrial decisions which respects the environment, the workers and clients rights to repair but honestly it’s not enough for me to justify the poor overall quality (and I’m not taking into account other issues such as camera quality, camera delay in taking pictures or the inaccurate automatic rotation).

Hello, I am having a problem the last 3 months where inbound and outbound phone calls for my phone (FP4) are not working.

There is a similar thread where other users have also experienced this here.

I have contacted support since 22 October with support request number 1093172. I have often waited 1-2 weeks for a reply. It’s been almost two months since I reported this. The replies were less than helpful. They often asked me to do things I ALREADY reported that I had checked! Now it’s been more than 2 weeks since my last message to them and they are not replying!
I opened another support request with number 1106157 referencing the previous case and asking why I am receiving no replies. It was closed with an automated message saying I should look for solutions in the support articles. Did they even read it?! I am way past this step!!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? The phone is broken for 3 months!
At this point can I ask my money back? I bought the phone through the online store at Jan22 hence the guarantee should cover it.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am relatively new here and a FP5 owner so I will not give any meaningful advice on phone calls.
But my experience with support clearly states that they ask you to call them in urgent cases. Would that work for you?
Best of luck


Def dont open several tickets as long as yours is not closed, thats just bringing more work to them.

And yes try to call them.