Getting a bit worried with the support here

What’s the expected timeframe on support requests here?

I’ve had a support request open for a full week on the website and still haven’t had a reply yet even…

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The forum consensus on getting somewhere fast with Fairphone support from the Fairphone 2 days was always to give them a call.

Numbers are in #contactsupport (if those are still valid) and at the bottom of



As a person with social anxiety, calling someone is a horrible thing… >.<

Guess i’ll have to force myself…


Maybe you can ask here and someone can help?

Calling is the next step if you already contacted them via E-Mail Support and hopefully you find a person during the working day hours and not an answer machine. Good luck!

Good luck, they’ve been super nice to me all the times I contacted them! If you type your answer you can maybe ask to get back to you in writing please?

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In the end i decided to be patient.

Got my first reply a few hours ago, will see how it goes :slight_smile:


Hope it works well! :slight_smile:

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