Get SyncDroid working

Thanks. I’m not familiar with the ADB, so have downloaded SyncDroid. Looks promising, but it needs permissions from Android 4.2.2 to run. Where do I change the permission settings on the phone? Safer to do a full back-up before installing the next update

Please give further detail. Did you manage to install the app? Can you open it? I do not understand fully, what “it needs permissions to run” mean.

Stefan, I got SyncDroid working, but is not for the faint hearted (non-experts). After installing you have to go into developer mode to make a full back-up, not an incremental one. It’s not possible to edit contact details etc (this was possible with the Nokia PC suite, for Symbian phones). So do-able, but not great fun and not what I’m looking for

Thanks for your report!

The thing with Android is, that the services are provided by Google (or external developers). So if you want to have the same service as with Nokia PC suite, you need to sync your phone with Google and do everything in the cloud.