Get rid of the SMS limitation


I’m a proud Fairphone 2 owner for about one and a half year now. The phone’s good, but the OS… hmm… sometimes makes me dream about iOS on the FairPhone… :smiley:
My most important problem: Mass SMS.
As the secretary of a youth group I need to send SMS to about 40 people at once. I want to use the integrated Google ‘Messages’ app, but as I tried to send sms to a group of 38 people, the 34 error notifications came up with kind of “Unable to send”.
Yes, of course there are third party apps like ‘BulkSMS’ which send the messages one after the other but - come on, do I really need to pay for a basic service like sending SMS?

After some research I soon became aware of the android sms limitation. I tried to split it up in 4 groups of about 10 peoples: All messages were sent! What the heck?

Is there a way to deactivate this limitation or at least increase it to 300-500 (because sometimes, long messages are split up in two or three sms —> 3x40 = 120)?

@Fairphone: Can you please integrate a fix for this in a future update? Shouldn’t be a problem, he as for rooted devices it only means replacing one file…

Thank you for your kind help! :slight_smile:

Are you sure it’s not your provider who sets the limit? They are known to have bulk limits.

Shure, iPhone users with the same mobile subscription can send the messages…
And even sending messages from the four different groups at the same time is no problem… Android seems to check the number of messages going out from one chat…


Hope it helps…


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