Get rid of empty home screens?

I have five home screens, two of which are empty. Aren’t they meant to disappear when they are empty? Anyone know how I can get rid of the extra empty screens? Have tried searching, but couldn’t find a solution, any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you can’t delete empty home screens.
The default launcher has a fixed number of 5 home screens. In the retrieved version of Kola Nut 1.8 there was another launcher, which was heavily criticized which is why the old launcher is back now, but if you’d prefer the other one you can download the “Version 2 launcher” back (here is how).
You can also get another custom launcher of course.

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I tried squeezing the screen which before worked, so i could adapt number of startscreen, but even with all the squeezing in the world the trashbin does not show. I just want one start screen, not 5 of which 4 are empty :frowning:

Ok at least now I know, and can move on with my life. Thanks!

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