Get Digitizer Cable

Today I tried to check my FP1U to figure out why the touchscreen won’t work anymore. unfortunately I broke the digitizer cable while doing it. Where can I get a new one?

And is it rather easy to replace?

Sounds like a job for #fairphoneangels. Many of them have spare FP1 parts. If you don’t have Angels near you you can also try the #market.

Are you talking about the cable that connects the main board and the daughter board or one that connects the main board with the screen? In the second case you’d probably need a screen or motherboard replacement. Those parts are rarer, but some Angels might have them too.


I think paulakreuzer is right, it might be near-impossible to replace the digitizer cable and a whole display unit might be necessary. Here are close-ups from a broken display with an intact digitizer cable so others with more expertise than myself might be able to chime in here:


Unfortunately the FP1 doesn’t have replaceable flex cables like the FP3 and is not modular like FP2/FP3. I would also say that the whole screen must be replaced if the digitizer flex cable breaks.

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Hi guys,

here comes my ultra slow reply. Turns you were correct. Today I met an Angel an she gave me a screen, as we came to the same conclusion.

I only read you posts afterwards. Thanks anyway!