Gesture Typing and Google Keyboard

I’ve just upgraded from FP1 to FP2. (My FP1 still works, bless it, but it gets very confused and is unable to run many apps on Android 4.2!)
I’m disappointed to find Gesture Typing settings don’t appear to work on FP2.
I checked here, and found the concensus is that Google Keyboard is required. But these are old posts (2015-16), and I want to know if this is still the case in 2018.
Where do I obtain Google Keyboard? Playstore, presumably?

The Google keyboard is called Gboard and as you said can be found in the playstore.
Settings for the keyboards can be set in the app Settings, Language & input.
At Current Keyboard choose Gboard.
At Gboard choose Glide typing. Gesture Typing is the same as Glide typing.


Thanks for the above, which I installed successfully.
I now find that the phone routinely (and I mean daily) “forgets” that it has Google keyboard, and reverts to Android, which doesn’t have glide typing. I then have to go back into Languages & Input to correct it. Most annoying. Why might this be?

I have no idea what causing this.
I can only hope for you that the update to Android 7 is solving this.
You will need some patience as at the moment Fairphone is in the process of beta testing Android 7. So it wil take some months before Android 7 is released, but it’s coming.

I at least can confirm that this is not normal. I’ve been using Gboard with glide typing for more than two years and can’t remember itself having switched back to Android keyboard.
Maybe some app of yours changes it?

EDIT: you might even try to disable AOSP keyboard under settings->apps
A rough internet search also showed that in some cases it might be related to energy saving options of alternate keyboard (here Gboard).

Is it set to your default keyboard? Disable AOSP as the comment above me said and it’ll work seamlessly!

Thanks. I’ve disabled AOSP in apps as suggested. Not sure if that makes Gboard my “default” keyboard - can’t find that option.

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