Gesture typing again (swiping)

Hi there, I recently received my FP2 but miss the gesture typing funcion. Found some older threads about this topic but no solution to the problem there. I already tried a different keyboard (anysoft) which didn’t help either. Is this a general malfunction? Maybe the phone needs a software- or firmware update? Thank you!

The AOSP keyboard has an option saying it does swiping, but this doesn’t work. You need a keyboard that has the libraries, e.g. google keyboard


Thank you for the quick response! I chose the anysoft keyboard because of it is said to be “privacy friendly” - but if I understand you right I HAVE to use GOOGLE keyboard?

Weil, in the gboard apk there’s the relevant library. Long ago, when i has a s3 mini, all that was needed was a library from there. Actually, I’m using gboard, setting options as privacy friendly as possible, and disallowing any network with afwall… Hopefully, this helps

Update: i can’t find any library that sounds like something with libswipe or similar… Maybe this is called different nowadays might be interesting to dissect the gboard apk


You can also use swiftkey but Microsoft bought it some time ago, so you can decide who gets your data :wink: - no just kidding but be aware that all the “big” keyboards are using a intelligent word prediction which means that the send whole sentences you’re typing to their servers to “give you a better user experienc” - whole sentences! - before using this keyboards you should at least disable that in the settings (and trust them to really stop …)


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