Gestion file audio SD card Fairphone 4

Hello everyone, I ask for help about managing files in the SD card in my Fairphone 4. This happens to me: I copy audio CD albums to my PC and using USB cable I transfer it to my Fairphone 4, then when I go to see and listen to the Fairphone 4 the audio tracks of an album containing more than 9 tracks, I notice that they are copied starting from 1,10,2,3,4,5,6 etc. if there are 11 tracks … 1,10,11,2,3,4,5,6 etc. if they are 9 tracks instead no, they are from 1 to 9 Why? thank you

Someone else might be able to provide the correct terminology for this phenomenom (alphanumerical and … ?). Basically the ordering logic will list all tracks first whose first digit is 1, so it treats them as strings of isolated cyphers, not as numbers.

Anyway, until you find a better solution, I just recommend that before you transfer the files, add a “0” to all track numbers 1 to 9 and you should be fine.


And before somebody asks “Well, who even comes up with something like this?” … That was the natural sorting order everywhere on computers and leading zeros were used wherever helpful, until sorting filenames got more sophisticated and learned to recognize multi-digit numbers as parts of filenames. What fun to find out whether the system you’re using does this or not :slight_smile: .


I tried directly from the file manager of the Fairphone 4 to rename the audio track by putting “0” from 1 to 9 and … it works! for now I will use this method. thank you and have a nice day😉


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