German users of FP3-Android 13/LOS 20


By any chance any Germans with FP3 Android 13/ LOS 20 and using the Deutsche Bank mobile banking apps?

I consider upgrading to LOS 20, but a bit anxious if the DB mobile banking and the photoTAN apps would function well.

Could anyone share their experience?

I am using FP3 with LOS 19 and the apps are absolutely fine hence my anxiety that I can lose the functionality of the DB banking apps if I jump to 20. Issues with banking apps can be a real pain…

Thank you in advance.

I’m not using the deutsche bank app, but comdirect plus phototan, also some other bank’s security devices…
I was rooted with LOS19, but the last days the comdirect phototan did not work any longer, so I took this as a hint :wink: I’m running LOS with MindtheGapps, and everything is fine so far.

Mine is (still) operating with LOS 19/ TWRP/ Magisk and the DB apps are faultless (knock on wood…).

Hope someone to chime in how are the things under LOS 20 or Android 13.

LOS20, MindTheGapps. Deutsche Bank App seems to work (I don’t have an account), it opens, and I can start the demo modus, no Message about unsecured mobile phone

Deutsche Bank photoTAN: I could start the “Aktivierung”

Hi, and thanks for reply.

From what you describe - this’ the DB apps standard behavior - they should work.


Have you upgraded from 19.1? If so, did it upgrade smoothly or did it require any tweaks?

I upgraded directly from 19.1 to20, following the upgrade description from the website (basically sideloading los and, after a reboot to recovery, gapps). Went smoothly, very happy

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Well, I made the jump from 19.1 to 20, the so called “dirty” upgrade, and although the system functioned in general I encountered problems that forced me to return to 19.1 - not exactly a ‘smooth’ process…

Under LOS 20 the Deutsche Bank mobile banking app was eratic and didn’t function; the photoTAN did work however.
The other problem that I encountered immediately was the inability of the phone to connect to WIFI.

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