German Environmental Prize 2016 awarded to Fairphone

The government-funded German Federal Environment Foundation has awarded its annual German Environmental Prize to Bas van Abel and two recycling experts. The prize comes with a combined total of 500,000 € prize money (I assume it’s evenly shared between the laureates).

:flag_gb: Official website text

:flag_de: Deutschlandfunk-Beitrag dazu [Link aktualisiert, danke @A-van-den-Berg]
aus der Sendung “Umwelt und Verbraucher” vom 12.10.2016



“Van Abel will receive a financial award of 250,000 euros.”


I wonder what he will do with the money.

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Meanwhile … “Abel has left the building” :sunglasses: :wink:


Investing it in sustainability.

These are great news for the whole FP-team. Congratulations! :slight_smile: Just in case that you would like to hear the German interview, take this link to Deutschlandfunk because the link above is dead. :worried: There is a small “Audio”-icon in the right lower corner of the picture showing the Fairphone you have to press to get the report.

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Cool. Especially because the ceremony will be in my hometown Würzburg :slight_smile:
But seems like it´s an private party

Today’s award ceremony in full length:

:de: German language video, Fairphone / Bas van Abel is dealt with from 1:44:50.

:gb: Article in English language:

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