Generic replacement battery

Hello, my battery is slowly dying so it’s time to replacement. Does anyone know if there are generic batteries for the FP2 available. The shipping cost of 20€ for postage from Holland to Switzerland is simply too much and not in line with the philosophy of the phone.


Is your battery older than 1 year? If not you still have guarantee.
I’m not aware of any 3rd party batteries that fit, but you could try to organize a #groupbuy and split up the shipment cost.


Hi Paul, thanks for your answer, the phone is about 15 months old, the battery lasts about 3 hrs only. My wives 3 year old Huawei still last a whole day ( similar activities on the phone). I was hoping the Update to Android 6 would make a difference but this was not the case.

That’s still quite bad for a battery of just over a year old, so perhaps support is willing to help you.

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