🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

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Take a look at this list:
(EDIT: Check the actual availability status, as the posting is no longer correct on that behalf. Last time I checked, all batteries were in stock again)
Thx @Stefan. I should have been more precise on that behalf.


The last time i checked, electropapa was in stock again. See some posts above.


Thanks, @Stefan, that’s good to know, and I’m OK on the active (awake) front. But that graph, in my case, shows quite a steep decline.

But overall I am a happy caamper.


That’s also a heavy usage over about 2 hours. :slight_smile:


Yes I remember now what I was doing! And see that the slope is similar to the one in your graph a couple of hours in. Thanks a lot, it’s good to learn these things.


sorry for taking so long, here’s an older version of the model in picture:

i just noticed something was off with my model, the support structure of the battery seems to be gone in my model, wtf, how did i miss this?..

Larger capacity FP2 battery

My mom is relatively happy with the Battery so far, it takes about a week to go empty with her usage, she has the fairphone turn itself off in the night though so performance may vary. The Battery has the same horizontal and vertical measurements, it’s just thicker in depth and therefore has more capacity. The battery state marker goes crazy anyway and is not reliable at all, as it “gains” power over night while not being plugged in or lasts long times at 1%, resetting the battery by letting it go empty and then fully charging it does not help with this battery. I will update my model in the next hour so the battery gets held in place. as my mom has the phone and i don’t live with her in the same city i can’t send you more pictures at the moment though :slight_smile:

this is one of the graphs i get from her

The 5d something also don’t contain the night times when it turns off, so this is more 9days

i updated the file on thingiverse and got a photo from my mom


Hi, I just bouhgt a ready-to-use-kit for the battery exchange. It fits quite well and is working since weeks.
The kit seems to use the same battery mentioned above.
Looks like this one: https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=132406591635&_sacat=0


Wow, that’s quite a price for a little piece of plastic.
As the battery alone can be obtained at 9 to 20 € on amazon, it’s another 20 to 30 € just for the “spacer”. Seems a bit overpriced to me.
At least, it seems to be really well fitting and easy to use. :slight_smile:


Yes, the surface seemed to milled with a profeesional machine. It fits perfect.
And you’re right. It’s not cheap, but when I had to give up hope to get a new fairphone, I din’t give up hoping to use my phone for some further years. Buying a new phone would be more expensive.


You are right of course. I still use a piece of cardboard to keep my new battery in place.


Hello there,

about the “spacer”. I see it right, it must have a size of 9,7 x 52,5 x 5,4 mm to fit in easy, right?



Yes, this will fit. My spacer shows an additional nose to prevent a short circuit caused by a possible lateral shifting of the battery.


If I get it right from the description on the battery-photo, it’s the 1.800 mAh generic D5N1H Huawei model wrapped together with spacers.
Looks neat.


Hello BertG,

Thats right, it is a generic battery. Not perfect but dos the job!
Regards, Alain


Hi, thank you for your research & this post. I ordered the Huawei HB5N1H replacement at the Munich Batteriezentrale and YES! it works.


Yeah, they are a great place to shop for things like this one.



Has anyone in here tried this battery: https://www.jubatec.net/akku-fuer-fairphone-1/a-1107/. After all, it seems this is a safer and quicker replacement, so I am curious if anyone has tried it. My battery is still okay, but I might need a solution sooner or later…



Thats great and gross at the same time.
They sell the generic D5N1H Huawei battery as a FP1 battery now.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich um die kurze Version des Ersatzakkus handelt. Die Einbauanleitung finden Sie sowohl in der Fairphone Community als auch auf unserer Website.<

Please regard, it’s the short version of the replacement battery. You will find instructions for assembly in the Fairphone Community as well as on our homepage.

So, unfortunately no real replacement.
But it proves 2 things:

  • The generic battery is so reliable, that they give their name for it to be fitting the FP1
  • The demand for FP1 batteries is being noticed and met by the market


Unfotunately “NO” to both assumptions.
But, hey, as I said, it doesn’t seem to be really unsafe no matter what design; unless it’s a no-nome battery without any security measures (no CE-sign etc.).


Hallo zusammen,
hat jemand von euch schon Erfahrungen mit dem Jubatec-Akku für Fairphone1 gemacht?

Das Akku für mein Fairphone1 gibt langsam den Geist auf, ich bin aber noch nicht so wirklich bereit, mich deswegen von meinem FP1 zu trennen.

Über Rückmeldungen würde ich mich freuen!

Liebe Grüße,

Silke Giesinger